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The journey of a lifetime happens here

Our organisation took shape almost 10 years ago when three like-minded, passionate and highly qualified young professionals joined together to work for the society in the field of tourism and event management. They, as founding members, coined ideas, formulated items and established people-friendly system to facilitate travellers and to excel in the tourism sector as well as in the field of event management within the country and abroad. Though from different backgrounds, the pioneers of Ajeya Enterprises with their common passion, collaborated and worked hard with firm believe. In spite of some odd months, they graduated to form a balance and sizeable team members offering almost the complete range of travel & event deeds.

Hotel Bookings

Luxury hotels at affordable prices as compared to other leading hotels

Holiday Packages

We bring you the best opportunity to enjoy holiday at different destinations across the world.

We provide quick and effective air ticketing and transfers, both international as well as domestic. 

Ajeya Enterprises is an expert in delivering fare collection (ticketing) systems to rail operators and agencies around the globe.

We offers a hassle-free, comfortable and affordable taxi cab service to travel

Looking for a cruise holiday? Book luxury vacation cruises ship to stunning destinations with comfort stays, entertainment, dining and fun activities 

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Event Planner

Our event management company by the name of “Ajeya Enterprises” has gained a trust of over 8 years and has concluded many events for our esteemed clients. To name a few, we have conducted corporate cricket league, youth icon awards, fashion shows, music concerts, social campaigns, brand and AD promotion, product launch, artist and celeb management and wedding events.

All these areas are very dynamic in nature and require high degree of expertise in each particular which we have been doing since last 8 years. Keeping all these host of services under one roof, it serves the all-time purpose of offering various services to our clients.

Our Process

Event Planning

Our experienced team of managers will thoroughly discuss your needs and plan every step of the event.

Event Designing

Every event has its own personality and aesthetic. We will carefully curate a look & feel that complements your organizational culture

Event Execution

Our team will ensure that your event goes down flawlessly, and we are always prepared with multiple backup plans

Show Running

We hold a wide network of artists and performers, and will readily ensure that we acquire the best talents for your event and execute the show flow seamlessly


Tour and Travel

Event Planning


We have rich experience in planning & executing a wide range of corporate events

We are highly client-focused, and our dedicated team is always available

Our events are absolutely customized in every way possible, so expect a thrilling experience

Our services are scalable. Regardless of the size of your event, we will deliver perfection

We provide the best possible industry pricing and a great return on investments

We serve end-to-end organizing needs, right from planning to execution

A wide network of contractors, artists, hosts, etc. for you to choose from

We are experts in working with tight deadlines, reach out to us today

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